Turret Tapping Tools

Tapping Tools for CNC thick Turret Punch Press

Haiyu Turret Tapping Tools can be used for all 85 series of CNC thick turret punch presses,such as Amada, Prima Power , Finn- Power, Tailift,Muratec, Jin FangYuan,Yawei, Dadong,Yangli as well as Trumpf ,etc.


Turret Tapping Tools

It will Increase the production efficiency and reduce the related labor costs & equipment costs .Furthermore, it will save the production space .


①Stress-drive tapping tools , which can be installed in B station, C station & D station.

②Rotation-drive tapping tools,which can be installed in B rotation station & C rotation station .
Stress-Drive Tapping Tools

Item Code:HY85CM3

  • 85 series of CNC thick turret puch presses
  • Installed in B station, C station & D station
  • Tap specification, can be metric or British unit,or not standard ones.


  • Brands of Turret Puch Press:Amada ,Prima Power, Finn-Power, Tailift, JinFangYuan ,Yawei,Dadong, Yangli,etc. 
  • Station:B station (φ47.83mm) /C station (φ69.85mm)
  • Tooling Shut Height:200mm 
  • Longest Punch Height:230mm 
  • Longest Die Heigh:30mm 
  • Width of Guiding Slot: B Station 4.76mm C Station 12.7mm 
  • Direction of Guiding Slot:B Station (outward) 180° 
  • longest Stroke of Punching Head:30MM
  • Longest tooling length:230MM
  • Remark:Tapping can be achieved by normal mechincal punching stress . No need the support of special computer program.

Advantage :

Imposing the force on the products ,will touch the products directly. Might encounter the problem of interference under some situation.

Tapping tools for Trumpf Turret Punch presses

Item Code: HYTKI3M3

  • Trumpf Turret Punch Press
  • 1:3 Rotation Ratio I:3
  • Tap specification,can be Metric unit, British unit or Non-standard ones.


  • Rotation Ratio: Rotation drive unit takes one turn, the tap will make 3 rounds. 
  • Tapping Depth H=N*3*T : rounds of rotation drive unit *3*pitch(M3-0.5mm) 
  • Tap Standards: Extrusion Taps /Cutting Taps 
  • Oil Cooling Tap: supported by turret punch press 
  • Tap Specification: based on production requirements 

Advantage :

Not touch the products directly;Suitable for all kinds of normal taps

X1B Rotation Station Tapping Tools

Item Code: HY85BIM3

  • 85 series CNC thick turret punch press.
  • Rotation B station.
  • Tap specification, can be Metric or British unit or Non-standard ones.


  • Pressing the puch head .
  • Rotating the puch body.The rounds of the screw depends on the turns of the rotation,just 1 to 1. Then, the puch boday turns back to the original point and the puch head lifts.
  • Due to low tapping speed,it is better that the punched holes that need to be tapped on each sheet metal should be less than 10. More than that number, suggest using multi-tap tapping tools .
  • Tapping tool needs to be installed in B rotation station.
  • Tapping tools can be used for all kinds of materials,such as AL, Bronze, Stainless Steel,etc.
  • As using extrusion taps to form threads instead of using cutting taps, the sheet metals must be a little bit plastic when imposing stresses on it
  • Using cutting taps can result in large amount of little scraps which can cause the damage on the puch press, so cutting taps are not recommended .
  • Adjusting the rotation rounds to achieve the tapping depth. Need the support of the rotation control program.( Press-right rotation-left rotation-lift)

Advantage :

not touch the products directly.Bending ede can be on each side . No iterference .

X6DI Rotation Tapping Tools


  • 85 series of CNC thick turret punch press
  • rotation D station
  • M3/M4/M5-Tap specification. It can be Metric unit,British Unit or Non-standard one. Six kinds of taps in different sizes can be installed at the same time.


  • Maximum thickness of materials:8mm.
  • 6 kinds of taps of dirrerent specification can be installed in the tapping tools at once.
  • Need the support of computer program .
  • Without the support of computer program ,the tapping process can be achieved by using mechnical rotation .

Advantage :

Not touch the products directly; bending edge can be on either side , no interference . Can tap different sizes of threads.