Practical application of in-die tapping machine

Processing materials

Generally speaking, materials with good plasticity, such as low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy plates, brass plates, red copper plates, etc., can be threaded using this in-mold tapping method.
Application of in-mold tapping machine
Electronic and electrical processing, electrical accessories processing, electronic and electrical connectors, electrical switching components, electronic and electrical industry.
Various chassis processing, computer accessories, computer industry.
Auto parts, motor housing, automotive industry. Motorcycle accessories industry.
Hardware stamping dies, metal stamping parts, automobile molds, electrical appliance molds, electronic component molds, metal stamping, computer molds, etc.
Air conditioners, refrigerators, casings, and other stamped products that require tapping can be realized.

Used in automotive die production parts

Performance advantages

  1. Reduce processes and improve production efficiency
    The in-mold tapping machine combines the stamping and tapping actions of the parts that need to be tapped. Tapping and stamping are performed directly on the punch machine simultaneously. Using the in-mold tapping machine can save working time, with high tapping accuracy and short time, which improves production. efficiency.
  2. Standard high-precision thread forming
    Using an in-mold tapping machine can improve the tapping efficiency and accuracy of the tap, and the tap movement accurately matches the screw pitch.
  3. Save labor and energy
    The in-mold tapping machine combines tapping and stamping of parts into one process, which is fully automated and saves labor costs. Moreover, the in-mold tapping machine relies entirely on mechanical transmission, saving the energy of the machine specifically used for tapping.
  4. Reduce defective rates and reduce costs
    The precise positioning of the in-mold tapping machine can reduce the probability of tap damage, and at the same time reduce the probability of scrap due to feeding errors. It can also reduce the probability of feeding errors and reduce the amount of products in stock during the processing, thereby saving money. cost.
  5. Simple installation and easy replacement
    The in-mold tapping machine is designed to be sturdy and durable, small in size, and easy to install in different molds; the tapping head can be replaced with different specifications.

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