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About CNC turret punch

CNC turret punch press (NCT) consists of computer control system, mechanical or hydraulic power system, servo feeding mechanism, mold library, mold selection system, peripheral programming system, etc.
CNC Turret Punching Machine (NCT) is a processing program compiled through programming software (or manually). The servo feeding mechanism sends the sheet metal to the position to be processed. At the same time, the mold selection system selects the corresponding mold in the mold library, and the hydraulic power system Carry out stamping according to the program and automatically complete the processing of the workpiece.
The throat depth of a CNC turret punch press (NCT) refers to the distance from the punching center to the side plate of the bed. The size of the throat depth directly determines the width of the processed plate (that is, the size of the plate processed along the length of the punch)

Processing methods

(1) Single punching: Complete punching in a single pass, including punching of linear distribution, arc distribution, circular distribution, and grid holes.

(2) Continuous punching in the same direction: Using the partially overlapping processing method of rectangular molds, long holes, trimming, etc. can be processed.

(3) Multi-directional continuous blanking: a processing method that uses small molds to process large holes.

(4) Nibbling: A processing method that uses a small round die to continuously punch arc shapes in smaller steps.

(5) Single forming: a processing method of shallow drawing and forming according to the shape of the mold.

(6) Continuous forming: Forming processing methods that are larger than the mold size, such as large-size blinds, rolled ribs, rolled steps and other processing methods.

(7) Array forming: Processing of multiple identical or different workpieces on a large plate.

turret tapping tools

which can be installed in B station, C station & D station.

 ItemDescription  Remark
Nominal Stroke 2.3mmPunching head willdescend 2.3mm when the tap takes one turn
Tap Standards ISODiameter of the tap shank meets the ISO standardsCustom-made taps
Oil clooling on the tapsStandard auto filling via plastic pipe,volume adjustable
Max tapping depth HH=T*NH=T*N
T–screw pitch N–turns
 85 series of CNC thick turret puch presses

X1B Rotation Station Tapping Tools

85 series of CNC thick turret puch presses. Rotation B station.

 Use the Bi Tap Tapping tool to create threads in punched holes

Due to low tapping speed,it is better that the punched holes that need tobe tapped on each sheet metal should be less than 10. More than thatnumber, suggest using multi-tap tapping tool.

Tapping tool needs to be installed in B station.

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