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Dongguan Haiyu Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. was set up on 2010.It is spcialized manufacturer,Taking the research and development of the solution of the in-die tapping units as the core ,which integrates R&D 、production and sales.

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After more than 13 years of hard work and development.The company owns a professinal and experienced R&D team. As long as it is a screw hole on a metal stampling product, it can be solved with equipment provided by us. Regardless of the poistion of the screw hole, how complicated the product is, how special the screw hole position is, and how special the orientation angle is, all of those can be solved by our solution. And also provide PLC taps broken checking system. This can help to improve produciton efficiency, and reduce cost and prevent defective products flow out.

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Superior In-Die Tapping units Services

2010 - 2023

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We are a Chinese leader in the in-die tapping, Haiyu's reputation is based on more than10 years of experience in this field and excellent technology. Our stamping dies and in-die tapping units are sold to the United States, India, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries, and have been recognized by this overseas customer. Globally, we have accumulated 5,000 + customers in the past 13 years.
In 2022, we successfully applied for the honorary mark of China's high-tech enterprises.

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